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Winetipodes is a website dedicated to organizing events related to the world of wines in Madrid and Barcelona. Contact us through our website to organize corporate events or other more informal gatherings with wines as the protagonist. In a large city or a small and exclusive cellar, we present a sampling of premium wines in their own environment accompanied by the complete history of its development. Learn how to use that knowledge to strengthen relations with friends or clients. Tastings, wine-related gifts for every occasion, and necessary utensils are available and easily accessible. Information regarding the most exclusive wineries in Spain and every segment of that world is within reach at Winetipodes.


Request a quote with your idea or give us the responsibility of presenting our own.

The wine role
play with tapas

An informal but rigorous review of the environmental aspects of wine accompanied by various culinary offerings.

David and

A blind tasting that takes a market juggernaut and compares it with a lesser-known, more modest competitor.

The adventure of
the sherries

Full immersion into the wines of Jerez, the authentic treasures of the Spanish viticulture.

All Land

The incredible experience of discovering the different nuances of wines cultivated within ground areas separated by only a few meters.

Work groups and team building

Strengthen your work environment, relationships with customers, or connections with suppliers through our unique vision of wines.


Have the most exclusive wines featured at
our events shipped directly to your home or
place of business.

Whether you attended an event and want to recapture the essence of a tasting or are a viticulture enthusiast, you can always request we ship you the exclusive wine of your choice, right to wherever you need it.

Our wines always come with the applicable certificate of origin* from Spain or whence in the world they came: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Croatia...

* each delivery comes with the appropriate technical/legal documents.


Who are we?

Our company was founded in 2009 with the idea of demonstrating to our clients the successful techniques developed by our winegrowers and winemakers from different latitudes. We have contacted the vineyards of South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal, Italy, France...

During this time we have created an idea that enriches the simple art of conveying a bottle of wine. We tailor our activities toward imparting our message in a social and informal setting, which assures a mutual benefit for the involved parties.

Our emblem

With the two iconic animals of the antipodes we want to identify the distance between the original geographical area of cultivation and the culmination of the organized event.


Wine events in Madrid and Barcelona

Organized oenological events in Madrid and Barcelona. Consultations are available for other cities. You can strengthen your knowledge of the world of wine and use it to enhance professional and personal relationships, perform commercial activities utilizing this learning tool, select the most choice wine for each occasion, visit exclusive wineries, and continue to learn and develop product training programs. Winetipodes is the web source of wine events in Madrid and Barcelona.

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